Data For Action,  
Not Just Accountability.

Tricycle partners with social impact and nonprofit organizations who believe the best way to grow is through the delivery of high quality programs and products that meet constituent needs. Our clients know strong implementation and impact is based in deep capacity, and building this capacity at all levels is the key to programmatic - and organizational - success. 

Where does data come in? Rather than putting data into an accountability silo, Tricycle helps clients use data to garner feedback, problem solve, make decisions, implement improvements - and thus meet their full potential. 

Our work is always customized and tailored to fit each client's particular needs. No matter what stage you're at, Tricycle has the tools, knowledge and experience to help you grow and succeed.

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Who we are and what we do.


How do we do it?
Through four key components:



Before taking steps that will affect product development and program implementation, you need to be sure you’re focusing on the right issues. Tricycle identifies essential to-dos via a 360° needs assessment. We pinpoint strengths and challenges, outlining which issues to address and how, and highlighting ways to build on work you’re already doing well.      



Successful implementation requires a multifaceted approach. Tricycle partners with you to develop short-, medium-, and long-term goals as well as strategies to achieve them; establish relevant metrics; allocate resources; identify training and capacity needs; and obtain stakeholder buy-in.  



To help you better understand implementation and outcomes and make adjustments as needed, Tricycle works with you to develop and refine data collection, analysis, and reporting systems. Our goal is for you to use data to move forward, rather than letting the data dictate your destination.  



Technical Assistance

We stay with you throughout the process, helping you navigate both the big hills and the little bumps in the road. We’ll guide you in following up on strategies, putting new systems in place, collecting and analyzing data, and training staff. When Tricycle exits, you have the skills and tools you need to build on your success riding into the future.  

I hired Shefali to consult for Junior Explorers because of her experience with developing and evaluating education programs. We were looking for someone who had both a strong academic and data orientation but also understood user experience and engagement. She immediately brought her knowledge to the company and worked collaboratively with our global team across multiple disciplines of content, product design, strategy and operations to help develop new content under both tight deadlines and limited budgets. Shefali’s ability to wear multiple hats and efficiently manage a process added great value to our team and project. I was impressed by her ability to adapt to a startup environment and her passion for our mission. I would strongly recommend Shefali as someone who can be an impactful addition to help drive development, internal discussions and deliver high value outcomes.
— Anurag Agarwal, Founder and CEO, Junior Explorers