Shefali Trivedi

Tricycle founder Shefali Trivedi has built a career on understanding organizations and helping them do their work even better. Whether earning her PhD in political science at Columbia University, conducting field research in India and England, building evidence-based cultures with social impact organizations, or developing expertise in education and public health, she has focused on how to create and implement interventions, programs, and products with quality and fidelity, and in a way that best meets the needs of her clients and their constituents.

Each of Shefali’s pursuits has afforded opportunities to embrace what she loves:

* identifying the essential questions and collecting the right data to answer them 

* strengthening people’s ability to work effectively and efficiently

* using data for action, not just accountability

* problem-solving (the bigger the challenge, the better!) 

Shefali has worked with a wide range of people and organizations in her varied career. She is an expert in immersing herself in a client’s culture and building trusting relationships through respect, thoughtfulness, and attention to all the factors that shape program implementation, including personnel, partners, budget, and timeline.  

When she’s not helping organizations become stronger and employees feel inspired to tackle new challenges, Shefali spends time with her husband and two children; practices yoga, cooks, reads, and hikes; and enjoys the treasures of New York City.          

I had the pleasure of working with Shefali extensively while she helped us develop an overarching curriculum and content strategy. Her approach to the project was exceptionally well thought out. She was able to enter a new environment and work closely with the existing team to identify potential improvements and shortfalls. She then created a set of steps that we used to improve our existing approach. All her work focused heavily on creating clear actionable next steps and using data to measure the effectiveness of the new approach. 

Her greatest strength however is that she is an absolute pleasure to work with. From the first day she worked with us she felt like a true member of the team. I sincerely hope to have the opportunity to work with her again in the future
— William Margulies, Strategist, Coalesce